KS AUDIO UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone (2-Pack)



SKU: KS Audio

Weight(grams): 1200

Dimension: 20 cm (Length) x 20 cm (Width) x 20 cm (Height)

• Stylishly designed machine with LED red light main switch for easy usage status display.
• UHF ultra-high-frequency band for reliable transmission with minimal interference.
• DPLL digital phase-locked loop multi-channel frequency synthesis technology with a wide frequency bandwidth and 200 channel options.
• Advanced automatic frequency matching technology for hassle-free synchronization between transmitter and receiver frequencies.
• Wireless transmitter system with waist-mounted and handheld transmitters powered by AA batteries for long-lasting use.
• Wide operating distances of 80-100 meters in open environments and 30-80 meters in complex environments.
• Handheld transmitter features intelligent mute technology for automatic muting when not in use.
• Extremely stable frequency performance, suitable for use with multiple stacking machines.
• Ideal choice for high-end conferences and speeches.
• Detailed technical specifications available for frequency range, modulation type, adjustable range, channel spacing, and more.
The machine adopts the latest aesthetic design, and the main switch adopts LED red light to display the usage status at a glance.
It adopts UHF ultra-high-frequency band, which has less interference than the traditional VHF frequency band, ensuring more reliable transmission.
The DPLL digital phase-locked loop multi-channel frequency synthesis technology operates in the frequency bandwidth of 54.73MHz, with a 270KHz channel interval. It provides up to 200 channel options, making it convenient for multiple sets of machines to be used simultaneously and easily avoiding various kinds of interference.
With advanced automatic frequency matching technology, even if the frequencies of the transmitter and receiver are chaotically adjusted, you only need to press a button, and the transmitter will automatically track the frequency of the receiver and adjust it to the same frequency, making it convenient to use.
The wireless transmitter system includes a waist-mounted transmitter and a handheld transmitter, both powered by two AA batteries. High-alkaline batteries can be used for a long time (high power: 10 hours, low power: 15 hours).
Operating distances:
Open environment: 80-100 meters
Complex environment: 30-80 meters
The handheld transmitter can be freely paired with the industry's most advanced intelligent mute technology. The microphone will automatically mute within 3 seconds after leaving the hand and remaining still (from any direction and any angle).
This machine exhibits extremely high frequency stability and can be used with multiple stacking machines. It is the first choice for high-end conferences and speeches.
Technical Specifications:
• Channel A frequency range: 677-686MHz
• Channel B frequency range: 687-696MHz
• Maximum frequency offset: 20 KHz
• Modulation mode: Digital modulation
• Frequency response range: 30-20,000 Hz
• Signal-to-noise ratio (S/N): 96 dB
• Operating temperature: -10 to

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